Hoofus is an electronic musician based in rural Suffolk. Focused on live performance, emergence and improvisation, Hoofus uses drifting oscillators, overlapping frequency modulation, ragged percussion and a sense of tactile interaction between performer and machines to create music of wayward eerie wonder.

Drawing on ideas of edgelands and peripheries and the intersecting of wilderness with urban / industrial spaces, Hoofus explores the uncanny beauty of the intangible, the occult and the arcane seeping through into the post-industrial 21st century world of reason and corporate compliance.

“Essential” – FACT magazine

“Unplaceable sense of Olde Englishe dread” – Decoder Magazine

“A creative and unusual and feverishly trippy concoction” – Norman Records

“Restless feral yearning and the distant hum of moss covered machinery” – Boomkat

“Visionary voyaging” – FREQ

“Tribal electronic folk music for hacking trolls” – The Big Takeover